Four Tricks to Use When Shopping for Texas Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home in Texas, then you need Texas homeowners insurance. That’s a pretty tall order, though, when you consider all the different insurance companies, plans and coverage options there are to choose from. Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes homeowners insurance options. Here are a few tips to help you narrow your choices down without sacrificing quality coverage.

Review Company Options

There is no shortage of options for Texas homeowners insurance. When picking an insurance carrier, don’t just randomly choose or simply go by the cheapest rates. Here are a few things you can measure your company options on:

  • Service standards: Some insurance companies offer 24/7 service, online policy options, in-person agent meetings and other high service standards while others present a more, do-it-yourself service. Think about what is going to work best for you and your needs and use that to narrow down your options.
  • Online reviews: There are many sites you can use to get customer reviews of various insurance companies. While the reviews are always written from the point of view of the customer, and therefore not exactly impartial, they can give you some indication of issues you might run into with a particular company.
  • A. M. Best rating: A. M. Best is the company that evaluates the financial health of insurers throughout the state of Texas. By choosing a highly rated company you can ensure that they will still be in business when it comes time to pay your claim.

Compare Rates

Once you’ve narrowed down your Texas homeowners insurance choices using the criteria outlined above you can finally start looking at company rates. Remember that a cheaper company is not always a better choice. The fees you pay go toward keeping their service standards up and maintaining customer satisfaction, so if you expect a lot out of your insurer, you might not want to go with the cheapest company there is.

Adjust Your Deductibles and Limits

When shopping for Texas homeowners insurance, one way to make your rates cheaper is to raise your deductibles and lower your policy limits. This must be done carefully, though, since it will increase the financial commitment you’re making. For instance, while a high deductible will give you a lower insurance rate, it also means you must pay more out of pocket for each claim you have. And although a lower limit will reduce your premiums, it may also put you at higher risk of getting back less than you need from an insurance claim.

Think about Flood Insurance

Texas residents are often at high risk for flood, and if they think that a home insurance policy will cover their flood claims, they will be in for a big, bad surprise. Instead, Texas homeowners should find out if they are in a flood zone or an area with a high risk of flooding and consider getting flood insurance. Only flood insurance covers damage caused by rising water–so it’s a must-have if you’re at risk.

It’s not easy to shop for insurance in the great state of Texas all by yourself. Thankfully, there are sites like that can help you find the best companies, the best rates, and the most secure policies.